What does integrated care mean for the Voluntary and Community Sector?

Last week I was invited to attend a residential with Integrated Personal Commissioning team (IPC) to develop plans for the South West roll out of personalised commissioning.

IPC is all about providing holistic, wrap around care, led by the patient, something that the VCS sector are familiar with. I came away mind buzzing, thinking of all the challenges but also the opportunities for the sector…

Challenges will include…

Securing funding for internal costs of VCS delivery organisations during transition
Marketing of services to patients – use of film and other media
Training staff how to sell services/adopting a new method of outcome monitoring or tools /support planning/ patient engagement /risk sharing/integrated care planning
Increase calls from patients to organisations about service increasing staff admin time
Finance development of cost centres, price for services, cash flows
The use of more sessional staff will mean increasing costs of outsourcing recruitment /payroll etc

Opportunities will include investment into the following types of services and activities…

o advocacy/brokerage services to match patients with support
o mentors to support patients accessing community based activities
o peer champions
o personal assistants to work with patients completing personal care plans

“The partnership with Voluntary and Community sector organisations will help act as a catalyst for change via access to the lived experience of their patient and public networks”

The South West IPC Network are planning to work with:
• Age UK Cornwall
• British Lung Foundation
• Macmillan
• Parkinson’s UK
• Volunteer Cornwall
• Compass Disability Services
• Voscur
• Enham Trust
• Autism Somerset
• Living Options Devon

I would be interested to hear from you if you are from a VCS organisation and want to keep up to date with the IPC in the South West area or you wish to pass on your views or comments.

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