“With funding getting tighter each day, instructing Marsha Miles has taken the stress out of the process of applying for grants in this competitive environment.  Her common sense approach is refreshing and our consultant is very knowledgeable and helpful.  I would highly recommend the service they offer.”

Age UK Mid Devon

“We are very pleased with Marsha, she communicates our goals and aims to funders in the appropriate way and also attends meetings to present on various subjects to our team of Fundraisers from all over the country, in particular, Trust Fundraising. She is also involved in various team meetings and projects and adds insight into these as and when she can.  We expect Marsha to reach a yearly target which is then split into months and so far she has exceeded this. Costs have not increased at this time.”


“We commissioned Marsha to deliver a financial and partner scoping exercise to explore the potential for future project delivery. She responded to the brief with enthusiasm and integrity, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to the task. She grasped exactly what we needed and compiled a detailed, yet focused, final report that contained an abundance of resources and recommendations. Marsha is a pleasure to work with and I have no hesitation in commending her work to others.”

Take Art

Pro Bono quote from our chosen cause for 2016/17, which is close to our hearts:

“Marsha and her team have been a joy to work with.  Not only are they professional but they have taken the time to get to know our needs and wants to enable them to give us targeted assistance.  I highly recommend them!”

                                                                                        Rebecca Holling, MY Community Trustee, Monks Yard


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